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Clarion Technologies is urging consumers to be vigilant when receiving unexpected mailings or other forms of solicitations that inform them that they are recipients of a sum of money, especially if the correspondence is from a foreign country. It has been brought to our attention that individuals are receiving unsolicited mailings containing realistic looking checks. New variations of fake check scams constantly pop up, but in each case they give you a realistic-looking check or money order and ask you to either send cash in return or to contact an "agent" to collect the remainder of your winnings. They send you a check or money order as an "advance" on the Millions that you're going to receive from a sweepstakes, lottery, or inheritance. Or they may claim to be a Secret Shopper Company that wants to pay you for your feedback. In the event you are sent one of these counterfeit notifications: Do not send any money. Do not supply any personal information such as bank accounts, credit cards, or social security numbers. It is recommended that you contact your local police department if you receive one of these fraudulent notifications, or file a report of mail fraud with the US Postal Service.

A complaint can be filed with the US Postal Inspector at the link provided below:

FAQs related to fake check scams:

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